2 sides to a pen

Do you have a clicking pen or one with a cap? And how do you distiguish between them? Did you ever see a rotating pen and immediately knew what to do with it? Is it always immediately clear what to do with it? If a pen wih only a few straightforward functions (open, close, dissemble, assemble and write) can be so complicated, I can imagine that a complicated website or application with many features can get really complicated.

20130128-130819.jpgSo even in the design of a pen you need to make certain consessions, choose between a beautifully designed pen, or one that is easy to use, and immediately tells you how to hold it and what its functions are. Is a $40+ beautifully designed pen really worth the money if you have to study it – read the manual – before you can use it? How is this different with modern day technology?


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