Yes, this is another Pinterest review. This is Pinterest from my point of view, you see?

Pinterest is a photo-centered blog application. You can write small blogs, but the most important part is the picture, and that is what immediately catches your eye when you start the application. The pictures take up the most of screen real estate, so they are most important.

My first impression is that it’s a nice design app, which immediately causes me to ask the question: is this the design at the cost of functionality? Fortunately, the design seems to come with beautiful functionality as well.There is no abundance of functionality and I immediately found everything I needed to cover the basis.

how to go back?

how to go back?

There are some disadvantages to the design though. I keep losing the “back” button in images since I don’t expect it to show the “pinterest” bar when I scroll up and in small situations like when viewing a single photo, it causes the page to refresh. Though the idea of “scroll up to show buttons” is quite nice and adds to the design. The scroll up to refresh functionality has another disadvantage, because I like to read up on my backlog, I have to scroll all the way up to refresh the page again, causing me to lose the point where I was before the update.

The practical semi-permanent categories at the bottom are quite useful, whenever you unfollow someone, you can find someone else to follow looking through your favorites by theme. I ended up with a nice mix of technology, humor and just nice pictures. Editing your profile or pictures works quite nice, but in the few hours I’ve been using the app, I’ve never seen a news item so I don’t know the usefulness of the “news” section.

And finally I have my doubts about the actual overall functionality of the app. what is it good for? What makes this app a useful addition to my collections of applications, other than it being  another way to waste time? If you like to watch at beautiful pictures or like to be entertained, this is an app for you, otherwise, get out and use Facebook.

So to summarise:
+ for the design
+ for the “scroll up to see buttons” function
– for the refresh to scroll up
– sometimes refreshing takes a long distance to scroll when you’ve scrolled way down
– overall functionality use/usefulness unclear


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