Watch your watch

Good morning, did you have your morning run yet? yes? Great, because I did as well, and there’s something I’d want to talk about. It’s on the wrist of most people, and nowadays you don’t see them to often anymore because they’re replaced by mobile phones. I’m talking about watches, look, here’s mine:


Did you know there are at least eight different functions to my watch behind five buttons and a rotating disk? Amazing isn’t it? And every function has different functionality for each of those buttons, except for the one on the bottom left, because it always takes me to the next function and the one just below the rotating disk, because it turns the light on.

Well, that is where the fun ends. Digital watches like mine are one of the most unfriendly objects in our world, how can you put so much functionality behind so few buttons? I hardly even know which function I’m at, let alone how to use each of the diffrent functions and what each button is for. Every time I use a different function I have to find out what each button does and memorize it, because the watch isn’t telling me anything. Buying a watch with as many functions as possible was the trend for a while, even though you only used a few of them. As Robert A Norman said:”Added functionality comes at the cost of additional complexity.” Digital watches are an excellent example of this.


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