…and what your stopwatch should look like

Following up on this post about the poor design and functionality of watches, this is how an actual stopwatch should look like.


It’s the runmeter app on my iPhone, I can select a route and an activity, the start button is present and easy to reach, it changes into a stop button when I’m running, everything I need is just right there. With this app, comes a lot of additional features that ordinary stopwatches don’t have, like an extensive history calendar and the actual route of my run. This is a nice view of how technical developments enable us to make gadgets not only more user-friendly, but also have more functionality at the same time. From being a general watch which you had to wind up yourself and correct every few minutes, we definitely got a long way in a relatively short period of time. The speed of this development suggest that we’re in the midst of an information and technology revolution, where the possibilities are only limited by our imagination and resourcefulness.


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