The 10 nastiest feedback mistakes

I think it’s a part of every soft skill course, giving feedback. When something goes wrong or happens, your pc or gadget gives you feedback about what happened, but my oh my, those programmers could do with a decent course in soft skills.

10: Feedback is misspelled
Usually, this is the source for some humor, but it is simply ugly when there are spelling mistakes in your feedback.

9: Feedback is warning you for something that is a 1 in a million case
Ever unplugged a USB drive without unmounting it first? And, what happened? What is that warning for?

8: Feedback gives you the illusion of choice
A feedback window telling you that the download completed successfully, with both an “ok” and “cancel” button. What’s the difference?

7: Feedback is abundant
“Program closed successfully” or “goodbye” messages when you’re closing a program. I really detest the “are you sure?” message when I try to power-off my phone, sometimes it’s still there the next morning.

6: Feedback is not there though it should
Logical result of someone being to scared of number 7, oh you expected an e-mail that your order was received? To bad.

5: Feedback is unclear
Ever saw a 0x34669-something error? There you go, you don’t have a clue what to do with that.

4: Feedback is simply wrong
Ever saw the message “program closed successfully” after a dozen error messages? Been there, and it’s nasty. Ever installed a program and got the message “installation successful”? That’s where you have to be extra carefull.

3:Feedback is not configurable
I don’t want to hear all your mistakes or get notified every time I get a message. I want to be able to turn these off.

2: Feedback is to prominent
Your entire PC hangs because some weird program thinks it needs your attention. Let me decide that. Web pages in IE tend to jump to the front when the page is loaded. Incredibly annoying.

1: Feedback is not imminent
When you click a button, the click should be shown immediately, not hang the program for a minute. Ever tried to click a button a gazillion times because nothing happened? This is the cause. This is the most time-consuming and frustrating activity you can have on your computer. If something went wrong, I want to know it, and I want to know right now.


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