It is time for something new

“Progress, for the sake of progress, should be discouraged” – the character Dolores Umbridge in the Harry Potter series.

Today, my leisure time organization launched their new membership administration website. Change has always been a very peculiar thing in the world. First of all, from an organizational point of view, it comes with risk which can be avoided, so the improvement should be bigger than the risk it takes to implement the change. On a more individual level, change has always divided people into two groups: the change adorers, who welcome the new situation, and the change haters, who detest the new situation or, in most cases, just simply don’t want to change.

The psychological interest in the last group has grown over the years, especially with the development and change of technologies in recent years. According to theory, change has three stages: the unfreeze stage, in which the audience of the change is prepared for the change, the change stage, in which the change is implemented, and the freeze change, in which the day-to-day activities are resumed, with the change implemented. In a way, change has always met its resistance during all three of its stages, whether the change is an improvement or not. If you’re changing any functionality in your software or tool, be prepared to lose some of your customers just because of it.


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