The mind map

Annoying, making a Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 9.08.58 PMmindmap in SimpleMind, somehow I keep thinking that ⌘-n creates a new node, while it creates a new mind map. I’m frustrating myself all over.

Apart from that annoyance, SimpleMind is just another way to create mind maps, the free version has been quite satisfying. It is easy to use (reacts to all usual mac commands concerning zooming and scrolling) and gives a quick colorful overview of your ideas on a certain subject.

…Norman door…

20130128-130439.jpgAlmost walked face-first into this door trying to open it. Turns out it is a slide door, but the small grip hints “push”. How many people tried to push this open? This door type, without correct hints how to operate it, is called a Norman door, after the author of the bestseller “the design of everyday things.”